EXT3500 SUPER ROLLER - Extreme


Extreme 3500kg Super Roller Galvanised Boat Trailer

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Standard features include:

  • Heavy duty double ladder frame

  • 2 AL-KO axles with flushing kit

  • Lockable coupling as standard

  • Waterproof sealed bearings

  • 3 Adjustable swing arms

  • 48 non marking wobble rollers

  • 3 Heavy duty keel rollers

  • Heavy duty height adjustable winch post

  • 185R13 wheels

  • 48mm serrated jockey wheel

  • 2500lb Dutton Lainson winch

  • Light board on extendable bars

Everything on this trailer is adjustable, so it can fit most hull shapes.

With a maximum carrying capacity of 2850kg

Standard: £7367
Overall length: 8.00m
Overall width: 2.37m
Hard Boats up to 24'
Ribs up to 7.8m

Single Extended: £7707
Overall length: 8.55
Overall width: 2.37
Hard Boats up to 26'
Ribs up to 8.5m

Double Extended: £8047
Overall length: 9.11
Overall width: 2.37
Hard Boats up to 28'
Ribs up to 9.2m

Tri Extended: £8387
Overall length: 9.66
Overall width: 2.37
Hard Boats up to 30'
Ribs up to 9.9m

Quad Extended: £8727
Overall length: 10.22
Overall width: 2.37
Hard Boats up to 32'
Ribs up to 10.6m

£7,367.00 - £8,727.00
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