350mm Pivoting Equaliser with Upright - Extreme

350mm Pivoting Equaliser with Upright

Manufactured by Extreme Trailers in Southampton UK.
Eight non marking wobble rollers on heavy duty aluminium brackets fitted to a pivoting galvanised equaliser.

The equaliser bars are fitted to an upright which bolts onto to a crossmember with the brackets provided.
This assembly is suitable for a 50mm x 30mm, 60mm x 40mm, 80mm x 40mm and 100mm x 50mm box section.

Different roller colours are available which include Blue, Black, Orange, Green, Grey & Red (please contact us for more details).

Box section of equaliser: 60mm x 40mm
Overall length of equaliser: 350mm
Overall width of roller assembly: 300mm
Maximum supported height: 410mm mounted on a 60mm tall crossmember
No of Rollers: 8

The non-marking wobble rollers offer a large surface area making launching and recovery much easier than the traditional rubber type.

Roller diameter: 110mm
Roller width: 85mm
Overall width: 300mm
Overall height: 130mm
Thickness of wing bracket: 24mm

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